Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Long Beach State fans- the Jonas Brothers are coming to the Blair Field in Long Beach this Sunday (September 19, 2010) to host a celebrity softball game and we are giving you a chance to go to the game and sit in BOX SEATS --- FOR FREE! One winner will receive 6 box seats to share with friends.

All you have to do is write your best DIG at rival Cal State Fullerton - the next home opponent for the women’s volleyball team on Saturday the 25th. Be as edgy, funny, and original as you want!... but keep it clean!! 
One lucky winner will be announced Friday (September 17, 2010) on the official Long Beach State Athletics Facebook page and will be profiled next week here on the Black and Gold Insider!  So be sure to monitor Facebook on Friday by 4:00p in case you're the lucky winner!


  1. You better watch your approach
    You better check that stride
    ‘Cause our Long Beach players
    Don’t have a weak side

    No Niners are finer
    When it comes to a block
    Our ladies take the lead
    with a cross court shot

    Volleyball is our game
    We’re the best team around
    With a dig, set, or roll
    we keep the ball off the ground

    We serve it under and over
    with some powerful hitters
    At Long Beach State
    you won’t find any quitters

    So, come and sit by the court
    It’s you we want to enlighten
    As we go on the attack
    against the Fullerton Titans

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  3. Titans, you best step back,
    ‘Cause Long Beach Women’s volleyball’s ‘bout to attack.

    Your mascot’s equivalent to Dumbo,
    Sorry to say, but you’re about to crumble.

    Our girls are mean and we play rough,
    We ain’t stoppin’ till you bow down and cry, “Master, we’ve had enough.”

    We’re about to chew you up and spit you out like Trident gum,
    Still not scared? Come get some.

    I get that I know nothing about rap or hip hop,
    But I will come out and admit, the Jonas Brothers, I’d love to sit down with and share a soda pop.

    So Titans, you best turn around and run home,
    ‘cause you’re about to enter a cyclone.

    Your tuskers are about to be ripped out, snatched off, and detached,
    Add that to your memory elephants, ‘cause here at The Beach, you are unwelcomed and unmatched.

    FOOLerTON, or shall I say, TONS of FOOLS, I advise you to save your face now and retreat,
    ‘cause I’ma be mad doggin’ you in my box seat with the Jonas Brothers and Prospector Pete!

  4. Black & Gold boogie and beat down crewSeptember 17, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    Titan's suck o yes they do
    Sorry excuse for a CSU

    Fat girls on campus, I say hi they say moo
    while smiling back, lookin like Mark Few

    Baseball is your only aura
    they too will fall like Sodom and Gomorrah

    Nutwood Tech, you are the bomb
    for producing the outstanding Octomom

    No self esteem and a low IQ

    You can't dig in volleyball, but your ditch will come true

    Get on your bus and head back inland
    You got no business being near the sand

    When you unpack, the realization will come
    That you made a bad choice, choosin Fullerton


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