Saturday, September 11, 2010

49 Seconds with a 49er

You see them at every game. The guys courtside, cleaning and passing the balls to the players. Expertly wielding a huge mop to wipe the floor after a player falls. Ever wonder just who those batboys and others like them are?

At the Long Beach State vs University of San Diego women’s volleyball game Friday September 10th, we got a chance to talk to one member of the Pyramid’s event staff whose job tonight was collecting the game balls and delivering them to the players.

Meet Russel!

Russell is going into his fourth year of working at the Pyramid. This is his side job while he attends school at Long Beach City College. Russell is lucky enough to attend every event at the Pyramid, and he says that one of his favorite perks of the job is getting paid to watch the games. His favorite games of the year so far have been against St. Mary’s and the game against UCSD. His favorite sport is basketball- and he is very excited about the upcoming season. And his favorite women’s volleyball player to watch is Ashley Lee.

Now you know a little more about your Pyramid event staff, and give him a shout out if you ever see him when you attend a home game!

Go Beach!

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