Saturday, January 29, 2011

Live Blog: Men's Basketball vs. Cal State Fullerton 1/29/2011

Live updates from court side at the Pyramid.

It's been a while folks, but we're back at the Pyramid where the students are absolutely packing the stands in anticipation of the 101st meeting between the 49ers and Titans. LBSU is coming off another last second victory over Pacific, this one stopping a two game skid that started when Long Beach last faced off with the Titans. It's rivalry. It's about to get heated.

Keys to the game
I usually get detailed here but I'm running out of time so really the only key tonight: just win baby.

16:50 left in first half
Long Beach starts the game off with back to back turnovers, leading to two quick buckets by Fullerton. A goal tending call on Eugene Phelps give the Titans an early 6-0 lead. A couple more buckets and Fullerton is already up 10-0. Timeout by Coach Monson.

15:57 left in first half LBSU 4 - CSUF 10
Phelps with a put back finally gets the 49ers on the board. And T.J. works his way to the line and sinks both his shots. After the media it will be Long Beach ball.

11:44 left in first half LBSU 15 - CSUF 14
Plater connects from long range and Larry Anderson hits a nice jumper to cut the lead to three for the Titans. Cas and Larry connect for the alley oop on the break away. And because it looked so good, they did it again. Timeout Fullerton.

7:30 left in first half LBSU 22 - CSUF 18
Casper drives the lane for an easy hand off to Phelps for the two handed flush. What a block by Casper Ware on a Fullerton big leading to a three by Greg. After a called foul on the offensive end, media timeout.

3:31 left in first half LBSU 29 - CSUF 21
Anderson finds Phelps for a nice reverse layup, and then Larry adds two more to his total with a tip in. Phelps had a chance to push the lead to 10 but left a lay up short, leading to a CSUF three pointer.

Brandon Nevens checks in to the game and cleans up a missed shot for an easy bucket.

Larry Anderson and Phelps lead The Beach early with eight points each. Eugene also has six boards.

Half-time LBSU 33 - CSUF 25
Phelps is really filling up the stat sheet, rejecting two shots on back to back plays. Long Beach holds for the last shot but turns the ball over with 1 second left and a full court shot doesn't hit for Fullerton and we're at the half. Long Beach lost a little momentum going in to half, but they still have an eight point lead.

18:08 left in second half LBSU 41 - CSUF 27
Casper Ware hits a perfect three from the corner. And I don't mean to sound repetitive, but he just drilled the exact same shot for another three. After a turnover and bucket by T.J. Fullerton is forced to call time.

15:27 left in second half LBSU 49 - 31
Webster catches Casper as he rises up for a three, fouling him and sending Ware to the line where he sinks all three shots. Long Beach State is playing inspired defense so far and the coaching staff loves it.

Casper drills yet another three and he is really doing everything tonight, he just threw down a monster jam on the break away. As our radio crew calls him Casper "Little General" Ware is playing some tremendous basketball.

11:58 left in second half LBSU 53 - CSUF 36
Long Beach hasn't converted on their last few possessions, but the defense is allowing nothing. Fullerton does crack the drought with a few buckets leading to a Monson timeout to settle his team.

Casper leading the team with 18 points.

9:32 left in second half LBSU 57 - CSUF 46
Strange play developing, a foul was called on a screen while Peltier was launching a three. The basket counts, plus the Titans retain possession and end up converting another bucket. Long Beach's lead cut to single digits. But right back to 11 after Greg finds Anderson in the paint.

7:44 left in second half LBSU 59 - CSUF 46
Greg sends Phelps on a run out for a monster dunk, maybe that will be the spark Long Beach needs to ratchet up the intensity again. We're under 8 minutes left.

5,040 in attendance, second largest crowd for a basketball game at the Pyramid.

5:09 left in second half LBSU 66 - CSUF 48
Cas drains another three giving him 21 points. You start to run out of things to say about Ware in a game like this, he flies through the lane and then rifles the ball to Larry for another layup.

1:37 left in second half LBSU 68 - CSUF 49
The small contingent of Fullerton fans chant '2nd place' in the Maniacs' direction, (referring to the LBSU dance team) not sure they have seen the Big West Standings or tonight's scoreboard...

Lin Chang and pack up PG Jerramy King enter the game, as well as Corey Jackson Sean Starkey and Mike Vantrimpont.

End of regulation
The 49ers win big 75 - 60

Friday, January 28, 2011

Athlete of the Week: Jim Baughman

This week's Long Beach State athlete of the week is men's volleyball's outside hitter, Jim Baughman. Jim lead the team with an impressive 15 kills in last Friday's upset win against UCLA.

Baughman is a junior majoring in communications. His high school resume is impressive, as he played both volleyball and basketball. His dedication to sport and studies won him not only athlete of the year honors, but student scholar accolades as well.

Baughman sat down with the Black and Gold Insider and answered a few quick questions: 

Q: How does it feel to be named Long Beach State Athlete of the Week?

A: Being named athlete of the week at Cal State Long Beach is such a great honor because of all the talent represented on campus. Our basketball team is having a great year along with many other sports on campus and to be noticed in such a large group of talented athletes is very rewarding.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about your two matches last week, what you and the team did well, and the perseverance the team showed in the comeback victory against UCLA?

A: Against Santa Barbara on Tuesday night our team was clicking in all areas. We are a very hard team to stop when we are playing our game. There was no letting up through out the entire match. Santa Barbara is a very good team so it was a great night for consistency.

Friday night was a different story. We started the match very slow and very hesitant, two things you do not want to do against a UCLA team who was on a five game winning streak at the time. However, we stayed calm and stayed together and found a way to bring home the victory. Every great team has off nights and I think it says a lot about our program that we were able to find a way to win.

Q: What do you guys need to do to continue to be successful?

A: We take a lot of pride in how hard we work in our practice gym. We just need to keep doing what we are doing day in day out and we will be prepared for anything.

Q. What music gets you pumped before a game?

A: I listen to a lot of Eminem and Kid Cudi before matches, but my pregame song is "The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco.

Q: What does it mean to Bleed Black and Gold?

A: It means that we should always remember that we are not only representing an entire program, but an entire school in everything we do. Keep Long Beach State’s pride in the back on your head at all times. Go Beach!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coach Ingrassia Elected to Hall of Fame

December 2010 was an important month for the Long Beach State soccer family as women's head coach, Mauricio Ingrassia, was elected to the California Community College Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Coach Ingrassia's nine year community college coaching career at Long Beach Community College included 184 wins and an .870 winning percentage, during which time his teams brought home a record five state championships. He was also named California Coach of the Year on five separate occasions. Coach Ingrassia's impressive resume got him the head coaching position at LBSU in 2005, where he has continued his winning tradition.

Ingrassia was the organization's only 2010 inductee.

Coach Ingrassia sat down with the Black and Gold Insider to discuss the honor.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live Blog: Men's Basketball vs. Pacific 1/15/2011

Live updates from court side at the Pyramid

Well here we go again. As both teams go through their warm up routines and Michael Cage and his Fox Sports Prime Ticket TV crew get prepped, we are ready for another Big West Conference game in the Pyramid.

It's hard not to call this a 'big game' for both teams. Long Beach State wants to continue their perfect start in league play, continue to put distance between themselves and the other contenders in the league and lastly make a statement by protecting home court and beating one of the perennial top Big West teams.

For Pacific, who currently sits at 2-2 in conference play, tonight's game is big for them as well based solely on the fact that they don't want to be four games back of the conference leader this early on.

Keys to the game

Control the tempo. The last few games the 49ers have got out to a sluggish start on offense, that tempo will feed right in to the Pacific Tigers who are a deliberate offensive team who will grind you down. A hot start by LBSU will let them dictate the pace of the early going, and will let Larry Anderson, Casper Ware and the rest of the athletic 49ers get in transition where they can be tough to stop.

Control the ball. Long Beach can't afford to give Pacific extra possessions by carelessly turning the ball over. LB had a staggering 21 turnovers against UC Davis and they really prevented the 49ers from putting the Aggies away. LBSU has to value their possessions tonight and force turnovers of their own.

Control Sam Willard. Willard, like T.J. Robinson is averaging a double-double thus far, and he will have to be a main focus of the 49er defense. Throughout the year, LBSU has done well to control several big time scorers, and though Willard will be a focus just as important as containing him will be rotating back to outside shooters after the Long Beach defense has collapsed on Willard. If they can do both successfully, the defense will have done its job.

Starting lineups
Guard Demetrece Young
Guard Terell Smith
Guard Joe Rivera
Forward Sam Willard
Forward Nykia Williams

Long Beach State
Guard Greg Plater
Guard Larry Anderson
Guard Casper Ware
Forward Eugene Phelps
Forward T.J. Robinson

15:59 left in first half LBSU 9 - Pacific 8
T.J. Robinson fed by Larry Anderson for the first bucket of the game. Long Beach has been looking to run, with mixed results thus far. Casper controls an offensive board and rolls all the way down court, feeding Greg Plater for a three.

Sam Willard being aggressive early with four points.

12:11 left in first half LBSU 12 - Pacific 24
Young comes down and hits back to back three point shots for the Tigers. But he picks up two quick fouls and has to head to the bench.

Pacifc scoring the nets from downtown right now, and even when Greg Plater is able to get a nice block, the ball finds the Tigers and Willard lays one in. Timeout by Coach Monson.

6:35 left in first half LBSU 24 - Pacific 30
After the media, Casper comes up with a steal and leads Anderson to the line, where he splits his free throws.

Any slight miscue by the Long Beach State defense, Pacific has been able to capitalize on.

Long Beach now in the bonus, where Ware swishes both his shots. After a good steal in the lane by Phelps, Cas leads the break, finds a cutting Anderson and Larry completes the three point play.

Frantic couple of possessions by both teams, but neither team can convert.

Long Beach on a bit of a run and has the crowd in to it.

3:42 left in first half LBSU 30 - Pacific 36
Young continues to have the hot hand for the Tigers, he and Willard have been the scoring threats for Pacific. Combining for 26 of Pacific's 36 points.

End of first half LBSU 36 - Pacific 40
Ware feeds Larry for what would have been a monster alley-oop but he was fouled.

Pacific absolutely controlling the paint, getting their shot at will.

What started as a broken play for Long Beach is converted in to a buzzer-beating banked-in three pointer by Tristan Wilson from near half-court. Sometimes it's good to be a little lucky right?

16:44 left in second half LBSU 45 - Pacific 44
Long Beach State looks to be the team wanting to pound the ball inside early with Phelps and Robinson both getting early scores.

Casper has to head to the bench with a bloody mouth, he got elbowed in the first half, but he returns shortly after being attended to by the coaching staff.

Pacific is missing the shots they were hitting in the first half and Long Beach is capitalizing.

GP3 earns his name sake by draining a three in the corner forcing a Tiger time out.

11:55 left in second half LBSU 50 - Pacific 51
Willard and Casper trade three's after the timeout. Eugene Phelps has to head to the bench with three fouls. Long Beach's defense has been able to force Pacific to use much of the shot clock, but the Tigers are still getting decent looks.

49ers called for offensive fouls on three straight posessions,  the latest called on Casper as he cut through the lane. We're under 12.

9:11 left in second half LBSU 51 - Pacific 59
Another full shot clock used by the Tigers, they missed their shot, but hustled to the offensive board and Smith worked his way to the line.

Back to back three points baskets by Willard lead to a Long Beach timeout. Willard has 27 points in the game.

4:24 left in second half LBSU 60 - Pacific 61
A Casper three cuts the Pacific lead to three, followed by several empty possessions for both teams. Pacific really winning the offensive board battle when it counts.

T.J. makes space for himself in the lane and scores an easy bucket, Pacific wants timeout.

1:51 left in second half LBSU 63 - Pacific 67
After a made free throw by Ware, Long Beach State puts on a press and gets a turnover after Plater goes to the ground and calls timeout.

54.6 second left LBSU 68 - Pacific 67
We got a good one on our hands here. After a missed free throw by Pacific Casper hits a jumper at the elbow to give the Beach the lead.

5.0 second left LBSU 70 - Pacific 69
Casper must really like that elevated jumper at the elbow, because he just hit it again after Pacific temporailry took the lead.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Live Blog: Men's Basketball vs. UC Davis 1/12/2011

Live updates from court side at the Pyramid

Wednesday night and once again we are in the Pyramid, this time with a few added ESPN cameras, as Long Beach State and their 4-0 record welcome UC Davis to the house that Walter built. The Aggies come in with a 1-3 conference record, but it's still early, and the Big West may be one of the primest examples of a league full of teams that "on any given night" can pull out a win, so regardless of record, Long Beach will have to stay focused and stick to their game plan to keep their perfect conference record.

Keys to the game

- Defense. Defense. Defense. I think I have started each of these key points by first focusing on defense, and for good reason, when Long Beach gets stops and run in the open court they can literally be unstoppable.

That d will be focused on containing Joe Harden. The 6'8 guard is the Aggies' leading scorer and presents match up problems because of his size and skills. The Aggies often look to penetrate and then kick out to their shooters, so the 49ers defense will have to be quick to on their rotations.

- Cas be Cas. The 49ers' point guard is the engine that drives the offense not only creating shots for others (leading the conference in assists shows that), but driving to the lane and stepping back and continuing his hot shooting streak from downtown are all in Ware's arsenal. Once Ware gets going, he will be tough for the Aggies contain

- Pedal to the metal. Davis doesn't want this game to turn in to a track meet, their lack of depth and style of play don't fit well in to an uptempo game. If Long Beach State can force turnovers, limit possessions to one shot and get up and down the court in a hurry the 49ers should be in good shape.

Starting lineups

UC Davis
Guard Ryan Silva
Guard Eddie Miller
Guard Joe Harden
Guard Ryan Sypkens
Center Mike Kurtz

Long Beach State
Guard Greg Plater
Guard Larry Anderson
Guard Casper Ware
Forward Eugene Phelps
Forward T.J. Robinson

15:31 left in first half LBSU 9 - UCD 4
'Niners win the tip and immediately feed Phelps, sending him to the line where he sinks both his shots. Nice pass out of the post from T.J. Robinson to Greg Plater for a corner three. If Greg can get off to a hot shooting start it would do wonders to open up the paint for the bangers.

Joe Harden the only player to score thus far for the Aggies as he works his way to the line and will shoot free throws after the media.

11:58 left in first half LBSU 11 - UCD 8
Long Beach doing some quick substitutions this game, with Edis and Tristan Wilson both seeing early minutes. 49ers look a bit sluggish on offense with some lazy passes and unforced errors.

Long Beach finally works a good looking possession, make a few passes and Wilson is found for the easy layup.

7:15 left in first LBSU 13 - UCD 16
Ryan Silva hits a three from the corner to tie the game at 11. But Harden hits a three of his own a few possessions later to give the Aggies the lead back.

Long Beach just can't finish their shots right now.

24.9 seconds left in first half LBSU 24 - UCD 22
Finally, Long Beach is able to get a turnover leading to an easy run out and flush by Larry. A couple of offensive rebounds give LBSU some extra shots and leads to a nice Greg Plater jumper. The 49er defense is forcing Davis to use the entire shot clock nearly every possession. After a Anderson layup, Davis calls timeout for the last shot.

End of first half LBSU 24 - UCD 24
It looked like Long Beach State had stolen the Aggies' chance at a shot before halftime, but Casper's down court feed was stolen away and ended up leading to a Harden layup. We're all tied up at the half.

16:25 left in second half LBSU 31 - UCD 31
Defensive intensity helps LBSU force a shot clock violation and and a Plater three on the other end. But turnovers still plaguing the 49ers. Still no team can create any separation.

11:18 left in second half LBSU 37 - UCD 31
Another shot clock violation forced by the Long Beach State defense but the offense can't capitalize. Long Beach working their way to the line this half, but they aren't converting.

Tristan Wilson with a tip in on a fast break. The defense is getting stops, but the 49ers need to convert to create some separation.

8:53 left in second half LBSU 47 - UCD 33
The offense may not be firing on all cylinders tonight, but the defense is giving absolutely nothing to the Aggies. Every single possession Davis is being forced to take a bad shot at the end of the shot clock. Phelps finishes a three point play the old fashioned way and just like that Davis is forced to take a timeout.

3:57 left in second half LBSU 52 - UCD 44
Alex Tiffin of Davis called for the over the back call, his fifth foul. Sending Eugene to the line for 1-and-1, but he can't sink his shots at the line. Turnovers still costing Long Beach State possessions.

1:36 left in second half LBSU 56 - UCD 50
Long Beach not making the smart plays with their lead, another turnover leads to an easy layup on the other end for the Aggies.

53.9 left in second half LBSU 56 - UCD 52
Larry makes a hard move to the rack, but is called for an offensive foul. Harden called for a charge on the other end, but as LBSU inbounds the ball, Casper falls down and Davis makes an easy lay in.

25.2 left in second half LBSU 57 - UCD 55
Long Beach can't hold on to the defensive rebound, fumbling the ball around multiple times until Davis is able to knock down a three.

After a Davis miss and pass to Casper Ware he was fouled, but refs headed to monitor to see if Ware threw an intentional elbow. He was called for the foul. Harden split his free throws and Davis couldn't convert on any last minute buzzer beaters. LBSU moves to 5-0 in conference.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Live blog: Men's Basketball vs. UC Irvine 1/8/2011

Live updates from court side at the Pyramid

Starting lineups
As The Alumni band pumps "Jesus Christ Superstar" through the Pyramid, he are today's starting lineups

Guard Darren Moore
Guard Patrick Rembert
Guard Daman Starring
Guard Mike Wilder
Forward Eric Wise

Guard Greg Plater
Guard Casper Ware
Guard Larry Anderson
Forward Eugene Phelps
Forward T.J. Robinson

Today's keys to the game
- First and foremost, LBSU would be wise (pun intended) to control Eric Wise in the paint for the 'Eaters. Though his scoring avg. is down a bit this year, Long Beach knows what a load he can be in the paint when he gets going.

- A bounce back game for Greg Plater would do wonders for the 49er offense. GP was absolutely hounded by CSUN's D. If Plater can get his stroke going early we all know how effective he can be.

- Defense leads to offense. The road map to the 3-0 conference start has been pretty simple, play tough defense and the offense will come. If Long Beach can limit second chance opportunities and get out and run, they should have success on both sides of the ball.

15:28 left in first half LBSU 3 - UCI 10
Eric Wise the first to score, but Eugene Phelps bangs around and gets his own bucket. Wise continues to be aggressive and gets another look down low. And Phelps is happy to play this game, as he goes hard to the hole again, this time getting fouled and splits his free throws.

No offensive rhythm for Long Beach State this far, we're at the under 16 media.

12:28 left in first half. LBSU 9 - UCI 23
Nice offensive board and put back by T.J. after the break, but slow D leads to a transition three by UCI. Irvine off to a hot shooting start, and turnovers are giving the 'Eaters extra possessions. Three point shooting red hot for UCI and forces a LBSU timeout.

7:52 left in first half, LBSU 21 - UCI 27
Five quick points for Larry Anderson cuts UCI's lead to 10.

Bit of confusion on the court, both Edis and Eric Wise have been called for technical fouls, Wise's third foul. Long Beach getting stops on defense and the offense is coming around. Plater feeds T.J. and he is fouled, free throws after the break.

5:13 left in first half. LBSU 28 - UCI 29
Ware continues his three point shooting streak from last game as he hits a three, and a turnover at mid-court leads to another bucket by Casper and a timeout for the 'Eaters.

2:18 left in first half LBSU 35 - UCI 40
Long Beach now in the bonus after a rebounding foul, but Phelps can't capitalize at the line. This time Robinson works his way to the line, and knocks down both shots. The big men work off each other for the 49ers and Phelps finishes after a nice jump stop.

A Plater three gave Long Beach a temporary lead, but another mini-run by UCI gives them the lead.

End of first half LBSU 38 - UCI 46
UCI holds for the last possession but turns the ball over to LB with 5.6 left on the clock. Anderson rims out a nice looking three. At the half.

15:59 left in second half LBSU 44 - UCI 54
Long Beach can't get the uptempo game they want to play going, and UCI has done well to run clock but still get a decent look, and those shots continue to fall for the 'Eaters.

13:55 left in second half LBSU 50 - UCI 56
Edis gives Long Beach some nice energy off the bench with four points. LB cuts UCI's lead to six and forces an Eater timeout.

9:32 left in second half LBSU 63 - UCI 62
Casper completes a nice and-1 play after driving hard in the lane. Ware catches the UCI defense napping and finds Anderson for a nice reverse finish.

After a media timeout Casper hits a three from the top of the key to tie the game, and just for good measure drills another one.

7:41 left in second half LBSU 67 - UCI 62
Looks like Long Beach has finally keyed on when to run and when to slow it down, and are having success not only scoring, but forcing UCI to take difficult shots. We're under 8.

4:08 left in second half LBSU 73 - UCI 66
What a hustle play by GP3, saving the offensive board and eventually leading to an Anderson tip-in. Another close ranger from T.J. and then a quick timeout by Coach Monson.

2:02 left in second half LBSU 79 - UCI 70
UCI tries for a press after a made free throw, but Casper runs through as a one man press break and finds Phelps for the lay in. 'Eaters begin to intentionally foul sending Larry to the line for 1-and-1, converting both. And Edis does the same.

:37 left in second half LBSU 80 - UCI 73
Casper again headed to the line

29.4 left in second half 83 - 73
After an Irvine miss Edis heads to the line, making one.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Live blog: Men's Basketball vs. Cal State Northridge 1/5/2011

Live updates from court side at The Pyramid

25 minutes til tip-off
We're just under 25 minutes to go before Long Beach takes on the visiting Matadors from Cal State Northridge. LBSU will need to keep up the defensive intensity it showed in the first two conference games and contain guard Lenny Daniel and forward Rashawn McLemore.

A strong perimeter night from Greg Plater will do wonders to open up the paint for T.J. Robinson and Eugene Phelps. As will slashing from Larry Anderson and Casper Ware.

Starting lineups
Long Beach State

G G. Plater
G C. Ware
G L. Anderson
F T.J. Robinson
F E. Phelps


G Lenny Daniel
G Dathan Lyles
G Vinnie McGhee
F Rashuan McLemore
F Raymond Cody

14:55 left in first half
Nice reverse layup by Eugene Phelps to get LB on the board, matched by an equally impressive move by McLemore. McLemore seems to be active early with two early buckets and another drive to the basket that was prevented by Casper Ware taking a charge.

Phelps has been equally aggressive for the 49ers, scoring their first three baskets. And moving hard to the lane for an And-1 opportunity bringing us to the under 16 minute media.

7:48 left in first half LBSU 21 - CSUN 23
Transition defense has been a focus of the coaching staff as Northridge has shown they want to run. 49ers begin implore a full court trap that is broken and leads to an easy layup.

Casper Ware pours in the first 3 pt shot of the game for Long Beach. But fouls McLemore on a three of his own.

Larry hits a nice jumper from the elbow, but neither team is in an offensive rhythm. Phelps will shoot free throws after the media timeout.

5:30 left in first half LBSU 31 - CSUN 26
Anderson misses a dunk on a break, but Tristan Wilson cleans up the miss for a nice lay up. Solid D by Phelps leads to another Ware three. Long Beach is really looking to run now and a pretty bucket by Larry forces a CSUN timeout.

2:40 left in first half LBSU 41 - CSUN 30
Ware picks up right where he left off with another three. The Matadors seem content to pack the lane and it is leaving the Long Beach State point guard open. Casper shoots another one from long range, and is fouled making all three shots from the line.

Wilson feels a soft spot in the defense and hits the lane for a floater. Long Beach on a 20-7 run the last 5 minutes.

End of first half LBSU 45 - CSUN 35
Anderson with a nice feed to Phelps for the flush. Long Beach holds for the last shot of the game but are unable to convert.

18:37 left in second half LBSU 51 - CSUN 35
Ware guarding the bigger Lenny Daniel takes a charge on the baseline. Anderson gets a steal and monster jam and then on the next play is fed for the alley oop. Long Beach opens the half on a quick 6-0 run. Timeout Northridge.

15:36 left in the second half LBSU 59 - CSUN 44
Anderson heads to the tin again after a missed free throw for an easy deuce. LBSU coaching staff really encouraging the 49ers to keep their foot on the gas pedal.

11:45 left in the second half LBSU 67 - CSUN 52
CSUN on a bit of a run, getting second chance opportunities and converting. Forcing an LBSU timeout.

After the timeout, Edis gathers his own miss for the tip in. Lenny Daniel has to head to the bench with four fouls.

Deeep three from Casper to push the lead back to 14. And then in what has become a nice go to for Long Beach, Edis feeds Ware on the back door court for an and-1.

7:52 left in the second half LBSU - 75 - CSUN 58
T.J. with a nice looking stroke at the line, making both his shots followed by a beautiful high low between Robinson and Phelps for an easy layup by T.J.

Both of CSUN's leading scorers, Daniel and McLemore have four fouls a piece.

Phelps with an abusive block in the paint. And ANOTHER three from Casper. Robinson also in some foul trouble, picking up his forth before the under 8 media.

3:35 left in the second half LBSU 80 - CSUN 66
Trapping defense giving the 49ers trouble on the offensive end. Raymond Cody goes for a hard fall on Phelps but Eugene able to avoid it with a sweet reverse lay up and the foul but can't convert the three point play.

1:32 left in second half LBSU 82 - CSUN 69
Larry pours in his 19th point with a smooth layup. A few turnovers preventing Long Beach from completely icing this game.

Long Beach content to run clock as this point and CSUN fouls Phelps sending him to the line. An offensive board allows the 49ers to run out the clock to a LONG - BEACH - STATE chant from the crowd.
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