Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Jane: The Jonas Brothers Celebrity Softball Game Winner!

Last Friday, September 17, the Black and Gold Insider announced the winner of the Box Seats to the Jonas Brothers Celebrity Softball Game at Blair Field. The contestants were asked to come up with their most clever dig at our rival Cal State Fullerton - our next home game opponent for the Women's Volley Ball team this Saturday Sept 25. (Hope you come out and support the 49er Team!)

Before we introduce you to the winner; check out the winning dig!

Titans, you best step back,
‘Cause Long Beach Women’s volleyball’s ‘bout to attack.
Your mascot’s equivalent to Dumbo,
Sorry to say, but you’re about to crumble.

Our girls are mean and we play rough,
We ain’t stoppin’ till you bow down and cry, “Master, we’ve had enough.”
We’re about to chew you up and spit you out like Trident gum,
Still not scared? Come get some.
I get that I know nothing about rap or hip hop,
But I will come out and admit, the Jonas Brothers, I’d love to sit down with and share a soda pop.
So Titans, you best turn around and run home,
‘cause you’re about to enter a cyclone.

Your tuskers are about to be ripped out, snatched off, and detached,
Add that to your memory elephants, ‘cause here at The Beach, you are unwelcomed and unmatched.
FOOLerTON, or shall I say, TONS of FOOLS, I advise you to save your face now and retreat,
‘cause I’ma be mad doggin’ you in my box seat with the Jonas Brothers and Prospector Pete!

And now it's time to meet the winner JANE!
Jane with her brother Jimmy
The Road Dogs on Blair Field

Jane was kind enough to send us these great photos and answer some questions about the event.
1) What was your inspiration for your dig at Fullerton?
Well, I have a friend that goes to Cal State Fullerton and he swears it’s the best school ever and he is always digging on how it’s so much better than our BEACH, he even got my younger brother Fullerton gear to sport, that really upset me. So the dig was a very quick and easy one to write; it was the perfect way for me to let out some steam. I made him check out our campus’ superb Teaching Credentials Program which I know he’s really interested in but is embarrassed to admit it. He’s gonna be a 49er convert soon enough.

2) what year at you at CSULB? Area of study?
I just recently graduated last semester with a degree in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry. Last year I was the Secretary for Disability Affairs in Associated Students, Incorporated. and through this form of involvement and networking, I was able to get a job right after graduation with CAPS as Assistant Program Coordinator of Project OCEAN (On Campus Emergency Assistance Network), which is a federal grant that aims at preventing suicide on college campuses. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students. Our goal is to increase awareness in physical and mental disabilities, de-stigmatize help seeking, and encourage wellness on campus.

3) Who did you take with you to the Box Seats at Blair Field?
I took my younger brother, Jimmy, my Godsister Jeannie, and my remarkably spectacular extended sisters Theresa, Tina, and Hannah, might I mention: all CSULB students/alumni! GO BEACH!

4) How was the event? Were you able to get a good view of the action and of Jonas Brothers?
Quite honestly, the Jonas Brothers could have PROBABLY redeemed themselves with a concert or performance. The seats were excellent, which brings up my main issue, I was able to witness the whole game being rigged. The opponent, Jet Flyers, was far better, and was ahead by 5 home runs. Suddenly, during the 3rd or 4th inning, the leading team began to pitch badly more than 10 times in a row, allowing the Road Dogs to make 12 home runs without having to bat. What alarms me is the fact that the fans bought into this, and cheered on, despite the obvious rigged game to favor the side of the superstar “hotties”. It seems as if most people have accepted this fixed and biased competition as a reality; the dishonestly involved in their winning doesn’t matter and will simply be pardoned, as long as they come up the winner. It would have been better if it were an authentic game, even if they lost, because it was done rightfully. What made it worse was how Joe Jonas presented himself. It’s apparent that he’s not a softball player, but he still could have showed that he enjoyed himself. Instead Joe threw a hissy fit and displayed bad sportsmanship by throwing his bat on the ground all upset and marching off the field when he kept missing each swing. Not only that, he didn’t even want to run the bases; he made his brother, Kevin Jonas, take his place and run it for him instead. All I can say is that Joe Jonas is much shorter than I thought in person and I am glad that I won the tickets, but I was extremely disappointed to see the game clearly rigged, because it just shows that superstars always get what they want and can live out life to their liking, as if it were still a TV show.

5) What were some of your favorite moments at the event?
Being able to spend time with my friends and loved ones and being able to treat them out. Sure, in the beginning, we all came together for the Jonas Brothers, but in the end it was the time that we spent together, because we were all still happy being together as we talked about how aggravating the fixed game was and how we all got a 1st degree sunburn for no good reason.

6) In your email you mentioned your brother is a big fan. Was this a special occasion for him? How did you like sharing the experience with him?
My brother has a physical disability and it was the first baseball game that he has been to. I am a very strong advocate for accessibility; our campus and parts of it should be accessible to ALL students and I feel that the Blair Field Stadium meets those criteria because it was very easy for us to maneuver around the stadium.

7) What does being a 49er mean to you?
It means being proud of your school and having school spirit. It means being actively involved to make the changes that you want to see happen on our campus, then you will begin to learn about yourself, who you really are, what your true passions are, and what you stand for. Before you know it, you will graduate and realize that you have become the change that you’ve always wanted to see on campus. It all begins with you.

Conratulations to Jane again, and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest! Remember to keep checking our Facebook page for the latest 49er news!

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