Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ESPN College Gameday: Win a Meal from Chipotle!

Earlier this year ESPN's College Gameday visited the LBSU campus to film some commercials for the season.

Show your campus pride by watching and correctly identifying where each of the four (4) videos was shot on campus. What do you get?
A free meal from Chipotle!

Here are the rules: watch each of the four videos and then use the comment box on the LBSU Black and Gold Insider to tell us where they were filmed. It's pretty easy! Number your responses to match the video's here (1-4). The first person to identify all four right wins a free meal from Chipotle and will be featured next week here on the Black and Gold Insider.



  1. The first three are in front of the college of engineering and the 4th one is in front of the student union. What about this one? Isn't this inside the Annex building?

  2. First 3 are in front of the VEC

    #4 is next to the student union


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