Saturday, January 29, 2011

Live Blog: Men's Basketball vs. Cal State Fullerton 1/29/2011

Live updates from court side at the Pyramid.

It's been a while folks, but we're back at the Pyramid where the students are absolutely packing the stands in anticipation of the 101st meeting between the 49ers and Titans. LBSU is coming off another last second victory over Pacific, this one stopping a two game skid that started when Long Beach last faced off with the Titans. It's rivalry. It's about to get heated.

Keys to the game
I usually get detailed here but I'm running out of time so really the only key tonight: just win baby.

16:50 left in first half
Long Beach starts the game off with back to back turnovers, leading to two quick buckets by Fullerton. A goal tending call on Eugene Phelps give the Titans an early 6-0 lead. A couple more buckets and Fullerton is already up 10-0. Timeout by Coach Monson.

15:57 left in first half LBSU 4 - CSUF 10
Phelps with a put back finally gets the 49ers on the board. And T.J. works his way to the line and sinks both his shots. After the media it will be Long Beach ball.

11:44 left in first half LBSU 15 - CSUF 14
Plater connects from long range and Larry Anderson hits a nice jumper to cut the lead to three for the Titans. Cas and Larry connect for the alley oop on the break away. And because it looked so good, they did it again. Timeout Fullerton.

7:30 left in first half LBSU 22 - CSUF 18
Casper drives the lane for an easy hand off to Phelps for the two handed flush. What a block by Casper Ware on a Fullerton big leading to a three by Greg. After a called foul on the offensive end, media timeout.

3:31 left in first half LBSU 29 - CSUF 21
Anderson finds Phelps for a nice reverse layup, and then Larry adds two more to his total with a tip in. Phelps had a chance to push the lead to 10 but left a lay up short, leading to a CSUF three pointer.

Brandon Nevens checks in to the game and cleans up a missed shot for an easy bucket.

Larry Anderson and Phelps lead The Beach early with eight points each. Eugene also has six boards.

Half-time LBSU 33 - CSUF 25
Phelps is really filling up the stat sheet, rejecting two shots on back to back plays. Long Beach holds for the last shot but turns the ball over with 1 second left and a full court shot doesn't hit for Fullerton and we're at the half. Long Beach lost a little momentum going in to half, but they still have an eight point lead.

18:08 left in second half LBSU 41 - CSUF 27
Casper Ware hits a perfect three from the corner. And I don't mean to sound repetitive, but he just drilled the exact same shot for another three. After a turnover and bucket by T.J. Fullerton is forced to call time.

15:27 left in second half LBSU 49 - 31
Webster catches Casper as he rises up for a three, fouling him and sending Ware to the line where he sinks all three shots. Long Beach State is playing inspired defense so far and the coaching staff loves it.

Casper drills yet another three and he is really doing everything tonight, he just threw down a monster jam on the break away. As our radio crew calls him Casper "Little General" Ware is playing some tremendous basketball.

11:58 left in second half LBSU 53 - CSUF 36
Long Beach hasn't converted on their last few possessions, but the defense is allowing nothing. Fullerton does crack the drought with a few buckets leading to a Monson timeout to settle his team.

Casper leading the team with 18 points.

9:32 left in second half LBSU 57 - CSUF 46
Strange play developing, a foul was called on a screen while Peltier was launching a three. The basket counts, plus the Titans retain possession and end up converting another bucket. Long Beach's lead cut to single digits. But right back to 11 after Greg finds Anderson in the paint.

7:44 left in second half LBSU 59 - CSUF 46
Greg sends Phelps on a run out for a monster dunk, maybe that will be the spark Long Beach needs to ratchet up the intensity again. We're under 8 minutes left.

5,040 in attendance, second largest crowd for a basketball game at the Pyramid.

5:09 left in second half LBSU 66 - CSUF 48
Cas drains another three giving him 21 points. You start to run out of things to say about Ware in a game like this, he flies through the lane and then rifles the ball to Larry for another layup.

1:37 left in second half LBSU 68 - CSUF 49
The small contingent of Fullerton fans chant '2nd place' in the Maniacs' direction, (referring to the LBSU dance team) not sure they have seen the Big West Standings or tonight's scoreboard...

Lin Chang and pack up PG Jerramy King enter the game, as well as Corey Jackson Sean Starkey and Mike Vantrimpont.

End of regulation
The 49ers win big 75 - 60


  1. LB had the fast pace going on today. Consistant play in between the misses and turn overs was really good.

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