Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Week For Cross Country Athletes

Last week the cross country team took home three big honors as they took home three Big West Cross Country Athlete of the Week awards in 2 weeks.

Raul Arcos and Kelly Caufield were named Big West Cross Country Athletes of the Week (10-27-10) for their performances at the Titan Invitational in Fullerton. Arcos posted a personal best 24:54 in the 8,000 meter-race. Caufield also posted a personal best of 18:46.2 for the 5,000 meter-race.

The week before, Rosa Del Toro was named Big West Cross Country Athlete of the Week (10-20-10) for her run at the Bronco Invitation in Sunnydale. Del Toro also competed in a 5,000 meter-race as she posted her own personal best of 17:16.6.

Watch to see the impressive trio interview each other:

This week LBSU named Cross Country star Matt Maldonado Athlete of the Week for his fourth place finish in the Big West Championships. In addition to being an impressive athlete, Maldonado also balances his school work and has been awarded multiple accolades for his successes on the field and in the classroom.

Watch him discuss his pre-race rituals here:

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